AL - Charles Patrick sparked the first civil rights case in AL

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    Mr Patrick went out to buy his son a Boy Scouts Uniform on December 11, 1954. A white woman stole his parking spot and told him she was entitled because her husband was a cop. That evening Patrick was arrested, then dragged from his jail cell and beaten.

    This man was a veteran of WW2 and Korea.

    "He went public with their abuse. An extended legal effort resulted in the charges against him being dropped and the officers losing their jobs."

    He was honored for bravery by the organization that recognizes Dr King's assassination every year in AL. His wife of 63 years joined him, and his son has written a book about his struggle.
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    You know, I heard Jesse Jackson speak yesterday at a rally here. There were also two men there who were among the striking sanitation workers in Memphis when Dr. King was assassinated. It was seriously moving. I got a little teary more than once.

    I'm in my 30's, and it's amazing to me to see how far we've come, as a nation (although I still think we have a ways to go). Within a lifetime, we've gone from it being considered OK to engage in that kind of behavior to having a black president. Seriously wow. Thanks for sharing, beleive!

    (*Note: I recognize that Jackson can be a controversial figure, and the reasons for the rally may be controversial, and I am NOT trying to spark a political discussion--keeping that down in the political pavilion. Just commenting on the article here!)

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