AL - James Corbitt for child pornography, Hoover, 2010

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    Looks like this has been a week of housecleaning for rotten coaches, teachers and pastors. Another one I missed. And the old pen camera trick again. And animals......

    Former part-time Hoover coach ordered to serve 15 years in prison for child porn

    "James Edward Corbitt, a former part-time Hoover [AL] middle school coach, was sentenced to serve 15 years in a federal prison for distributing and receiving thousands of child porn images online and secretly videotaping two boys at his apartment...."


    "..Corbitt had pleaded guilty in November to four criminal counts -- receiving, distributing and possessing child pornography. He had been arrested nearly a year ago. Corbitt had coached part-time, from season-to-season, at Bumpus Middle School for nine years..."


    "...Corbitt had 56,689 still images of child pornography and 5,060 video images of child pornography, according to the prosecutor's sentencing memo. He also exploited two minor males by secretly filming the children entering/exiting the shower at his apartment using a hidden pen camera...."


    "....many of the images on Corbitt's computer were of children ages 9 to 14, including children in bondage and acts with animals..."

    more at link (plus mug shot)
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