Recovered/Located AL - Jamie Crauswell Dill, adult, Argo, Walker County, 21 Mar 2019

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    Walker County Sheriff's Office


    The Sheriff’s Office is currently searching for Jamie Crauswell Dill. Jamie drives a dark blue Nissan Altima, and has not been seen since 3/21 in the Argo Community. If you have information concerning Jamie’s whereabouts, please give us a call at (205) 302-6464, or you can send a tip to 411, or this page. All tips will remain anonymous.

    upload_2019-3-26_1-9-38.png upload_2019-3-26_1-9-21.png

    Authorities searching for missing woman last seen in Argo
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    "According to the Walker County Sheriff’s Office, Jamie Dill has been located and is safe. But authorities say she was taken into custody and charged with DUI, in addition to having an outstanding warrant for her arrest."

    Walker Co. woman reported missing found, arrested

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