AL AL - Jeffery McFry, 23, Anniston, 5 September 1990


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Feb 1, 2005
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I found some articles on them today. It says you need a subscription to read them but you can access them through Google cache.

Former police chief: Disappearances, arrest and trial split Piedmont

PIEDMONT — The missing people, the arrest and trial, followed by the appeals and questionable testimony from witnesses — all of this split Piedmont, says Rick Doyal.


Many have speculated that Chandler's drug operation also connected the disappearances of two other people around the same time.

After so many years have passed without any new information coming forward about Patrick Burrows and Jeff McFry, Doyal says he "challenges the line of thinking" that the missing people were not connected to Chandler.
Still searching for answers: After 20 years, no closure reached in Piedmont disappearances
PIEDMONT — No one really disappears.

People go missing, but when they do, someone sees them, knows them, remembers. There's usually a clue.

When there's not a body, there's still an overturned motorcycle found on the outskirts of town — something to touch so you can feel a person's history.

For almost 20 years, two Piedmont residents have been missing. The people who love them hold on and hope. But when time passes, everyone comes to their own conclusions. Some of the missing are said to be dead and buried under Alabama 9, maybe in the hills that cut high over the roads snaking through the country, maybe in the thicket of Cleburne County.


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Feb 29, 2012
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Snipped from ShowerSinger's link:

However, Calhoun County authorities have suspected Steed for a long time in a string of cases - James Patrick Burrows, Fuqua, Jeffrey Scott McFry and Steed's wife, Karen Steed. As Amerson pointed out, all of them went missing within a geographic mile of Steed's home.

Amerson said Steed had never been ruled out as a suspect in any of the killings, and he was known by all of the victims. Authorities said Steed has had largely no criminal record in the recent past. A fire erupted at Steed's house shortly after midnight two days after his arrest. That fire is under investigation.


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May 28, 2012
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Jimmy Steed sentenced to 105 years in prison for 2009 Carla Fuqua murder
A Calhoun County judge today sentenced a Piedmont man to 105 years in prison in a six-year-old murder case.
Jimmy Ray Steed, 55, was sentenced this morning by Circuit Judge Brian Howell.
Steed entered a guilty plea in December to murder charges in the 2009 disappearance and death of Carla Michelle Fuqua.
He also pleaded guilty to possession of a controlled substance and manufacturing methamphetamine. Steed received 75 years for Fuqua's death and 30 years for drug charges.
Calhoun County authorities have long suspected Steed in the disappearances of James Patrick Burrows, Jeffrey Scott McFry and Steed's wife, Karen Steed. All of them went missing within a geographic mile of Steed's home.

Calhoun County Sheriff Larry Amerson:
"We certainly feel anyone who knows anything would be encouraged to come forward, as there's no danger of him getting out," Amerson said. "Someone may have been afraid to do so before."