AL AL - Laquanta Riley, 19, Montgomery, 7 Dec 2003

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Dec 6, 2003
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Reward being offered for information as to her whereabouts.

Height: 5' 8" - Weight: 200 lbs - Hair: Black

Eyes: Brown - DOB: Feb. 26, 1984 - Age: 19

Missing since December 7, 2003 from Montgomery, Alabama USA

Please help us get the word out about Laquanta, and pray for her and her family. Thanks and God bless, Lanie
She is a pretty girl with amazing eyes. I hope her family finds out what happened to her soon.
OMG.....why isn't there any information, or news on this pretty girl?
I couln't find a thing this morning.

I'll be praying for her safe return,
Special thanks to Kathleen, a friend of the family who has made herself the person of contact for this family on-line.

She has spent hours of her free time getting this beautiful girl linked.

Praying for answers and soon, Lanie
Prayers for Laquanta and her precious family and friends, and especially for LE as they search for this beautiful girl, Lanie
LaQuanta is now on the Adopt a Missing Person program. For more information please see:

I will share a sample from her personal bio, written by family members. Part of the process of adopting a missing person is to get to know them on a more personal basis. They're not just a face or a statistic, they're a real person who is loved and missed.

From LaQuanta's bio:

"In 1998, she received the award of Valedictorian of her 9th grade class. The speech she delivered was very moving. She spoke of how blessed she was to have a host of mothers—her birth mother, her aunt, and her cousin—who had been her “God sent” mothers. LaQuanta is a firm believer in God and was raised in a Godly home. At an early age, she learned the benefits of prayer and she believes in prayer."

If you want to learn more about LaQuanta, you'll have to adopt her. :)

Thank you.

I live 60 miles from Montgomery and I have never heard of LaQuanta or about her going missing until now. I pray she is found!! What a pretty young lady.
Love_Mama said:
OMG.....why isn't there any information, or news on this pretty girl?
I couln't find a thing this morning.

I'll be praying for her safe return,

Well I have my own suspicions as to why we don't hear about some people, but I don't want to be ugly on this young woman's thread. I'm glad that Lanie is there to bring these cases to our attention.
Finally Some Attention for an Ignored Case!
Black and Missing: Laws Make Search for Adults Difficult
Date: Monday, July 26, 2004
By: Associated Press

Their images on the Internet bulletin boards are haunting. Blacks, in the prime of life, who just disappeared, leaving behind family, friends and so many questions, without a trace.

Shelton Sanders, 26, often traveled between his parent’s home in Rempert, S.C. and Columbia where he attend the University of South Carolina. In June of 2001 Shelton called his father, a local judge, to say that he was headed home, but he never arrived.

Laquanta Riley, 20, was last seen getting into a green Ford Taurus or Chevy Caprice late on the night of Dec. 7, 2002. Riley’s photograph displays a woman with a calm spirit. Montgomery, Ala. police officials said Riley was last seen wearing a green and yellow shirt, blue jeans and yellow Reeboks.

The Kansas City police said that Jonathan Williams was married on June 4 1994. Williams worked as a correctional officer in the Leeds County jail. Two days after his wedding, he left home and was never seen again.

The stories of these black missing people have rarely made it to the front pages of newspapers across the country. Their loved ones haven't been interviewed on the television networks' morning talk shows.
Yet, while these blacks remain missing, the nation has become quite familiar with a number of high profile cases like those of Chandra Levy, a Capitol Hill intern and love interest of a Congressman, whose bones were found in Washington D.C. Rock Creek Park ; Laci Peterson, a pregnant Modesto, Calif. woman who was allegedly killed by her husband Scott Peterson, after her body and the fetus washed up in San Francisco Bay ; and now Lori Kay Hacking, a pregnant Salt Lake City woman, whose disappearance last week has sparked another national search.

Is it a double standard? Is it racism? Why do young, white women who go missing get so much media attention while blacks who disappear do not? And why aren't black leaders talking about the seemingly disparate treatment?

“The issue of Laci Peterson is a lot different because it was clear that she was killed,” Brian K. Jordan, deputy chief of the Metropolitan Police Department in Washington D.C., told “In the case of Chandra Levy what made the story was her relationship with a member of Congress. This is not to minimize any other cases, but that is what made that a story.” Peterson was missing about four months before her decomposed body was found.

According to the FBI National Crime Information Center, 840,279 adults and juveniles were reported missing in 2001. The FBI also estimates that 85 to 90 percent of these cases were juveniles.

In 1990 Congress passed the National Child Search Act that was eventually signed into law. While the country is familiar with the Amber Alert system, family and friends often face a tougher challenge tracking down and finding adults when they disappear, according to a law enforcement official.

“One of the things that makes it difficult is with adults it is not the same as a juvenile,” said Jordan. “A juvenile should be answering to somebody, but with an adult, they can move to another city, no one hears from them, and even if you find them, you can’t tell another person where they are.”

Sheriff Department officials in Sumpter County, S.C. said that they couldn’t talk about Shelton Sanders case.

Sanders parents were not available, but someone who answered the phone at the family’s home said that every day they hope for a break in the case.
PS: Many thanks to Louise, Missing Lorne Boulet's Aunt, who plays a big part right there in her town to get our missing loved ones adopted.

God bless Louise!

There was a body found under a bridge on the northern bypass in Montgomery last week. There was a short blurb on the news but that was all. The bridge the remains were under is inspected every two years so that would limit the time frame and Laquanta was my first thought. They haven't indicated whether the person was male or female and there have been no further reports. There are so few bodies ever found in the Montgomery area. I'll let you know if/when anything else comes out.

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