AL AL - Marcia Scobie, 48, Daleville, 29 March 2003

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    24 Feb 08

    After almost five years, Daleville authorities and family members of a missing person are still clinging to hope.

    David Barfield says he still has hope in finding his sister, 48-year-old Marcia Scobie, after missing for almost five years.

    Scobie is a Daleville resident and mother of three and she went missing in March of 2003 after getting on a Greyhound bus.

    James Greham with the Daleville Police Department says this is the longest missing person case the department has dealt with but he won't give up just yet.

    Family members say Scobie was taking muscle relaxers and has Fibromyalgia, a disorder classified by the presence of chronic and widespread pain. Symptoms can include depressiveness and abnormal sleep patterns.

    Family members say they will not give up on the search.

    If you have any information on the whereabouts of Scobie you are asked to call the Daleville Police Department at 334-598-4442.

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