al Qaeda's "military brain," Ilyas Kashmiri, was killed in a drone strike

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    Top jihadist leader killed, followers say
    By the CNN Wire Staff
    June 4, 2011 10:40 a.m. EDT

    (CNN) -- The man described by counterterrorism officials as al Qaeda's "military brain," Ilyas Kashmiri, was killed in a drone strike Friday night in Pakistan, a spokesman for his group, the jihadist Harakat-ul-Jihad-Islami, said.

    Pakistani and U.S. officials, however, said they have not confirmed Kashmiri's death....


    ...U.S. drones now operate entirely autonomously in Pakistan, a Pakistani intelligence source has told CNN. Whereas before the United States cooperated with Pakistan and used their intelligence, today, the Americans have an intelligence network that allows them to go after terrorists unilaterally.

    Kashmiri, a veteran jihadist, is considered one of the most dangerous men in the world by counterterrorism officials on three continents....

    I wonder if his location was in some of the stuff taken from Bin Laden's residence.
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    And the hits just keep on coming. I'm sure this is from Bin Ladens intel. I love those drones al qaeda doesn't have a chance against those.

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