AL - Tavaneka Sellers, 18, Birmingham, 12 May 1998

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    The homicide of Tavaneka Sellers remains unsolved 18 years later.

    On May 12th, 1998, Tavaneka Nicole Sellers was a missing person.

    On May 30, 1998, Nicole's body was found in a shallow grave in the 5400 block of 30th Way North near the North Birmingham, AL landfill. Her body was enclosed in a black trash bag. There were no clothes and only one ring (the one her ex-boyfriend gave her). She always wore acrylic nails and some of them were missing as well. She was identified by her fingerprint cards that her mother had taken when she was a toddler.

    Nicole worked at Baby-R-Us and attended Ensley High School. There was no money taken. One uniform for work and a school uniform and her black mesh backpack was missing. She never made it to school nor to work.

    Murder of 18-year-old girl found partially nude in 1998 remains unsolved

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