Alaska, the lost wedding ring, the dog and the poo picker upper

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    When Nikki Balovich of Alaska lost her wedding ring in January, it seemed it vanished without trace. In a not-unrelated detail though, Nikki owns a puppy named Halli, who likes 'carrying household items around in her mouth'.

    Dog-owning sleuthers may be seeing a red flag here...

    Anyhow, Nikki participates in poop picking-up exercises on a local field where she walks Halli. If you think Nikki discovered her lost ring in a pile of dog poop three months later you're mistaken though.

    Nikki actually spotted an ad on a Facebook sales site about a ring found in an 'unusual place'. She made the call. It turned out to be from the husband of a woman who'd found it while...picking up dog poo on the same field. It was Nikki's ring.

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