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Ruled out Alphabetical List of Those Ruled Out

Discussion in 'Princess Blue' started by Earthbound Misfit I, Jan 12, 2010.

  1. Earthbound Misfit I

    Earthbound Misfit I Where is Kimberly Shawn Cheatham?

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    BARTON, Jennifer Joyce - Ruled out - Dentals
    BERGERON, Lurline M - Ruled out - Lurline M. Bereron was ruled out based on the date she last seen. The date she was last seen (July 1, 1991) was after Princess Blue had been found (September 10,1990). Lurline's case may need to be revisited as sometimes dates listed as last seen may not be accurate.
    BILLIG, Amy - Ruled out - Dentals
    BOOTH, Kristy Lynn - Ruled out - DNA
    BYERS, Teresa Marie
    CAMPBELL, Elizabeth Ann - Ruled out - Dentals
    CHEATHAM, Kimberly Shawn - Ruled out - DNA
    CLITHEROE, Dorothy Mildred - Ruled out - DNA
    DUNN, Martha Wes - Ruled out - DNA
    GRIMM, Linda Rose - Ruled out - Dentals
    HERRON, Pinkie Mae Davis - Ruled out - DNA
    JASTER, Paulette
    LIGHT, Lorraine Mihl - Ruled out - Dentals
    MOCK, Misty Michelle - Ruled out - Dentals
    MURPHY, Kathleen - Ruled out - DNA
    , Kimberly - Ruled out - DNA
    PFEIFER, Elizabeth Ann - Ruled out - Dentals
    PHILLIPS, Angela Faye - Ruled out - DNA (Found Deceased,0,5426078.story)
    PRIDDY, Wanda Lee Ann - Ruled out - Dentals
    RAMBER, Sandra Kay - Ruled out - DNA
    REED, Ashley Fuller - Ruled out - DNA
    RICHARDSON, Dorothy Jean - Ruled out - DNA
    RICHERSON, Suzanne Rene - Ruled out - Dentals
    RIDINGER, Simone Stephanie - Ruled out - Dentals
    RISENHOOVER, Tammy Dawn - Ruled out - DNA
    ROBERSON, Blanca Eliza
    SIKES, Shelley Kathleen - Ruled out - Dentals
    SNYDER, Carol Sue - Ruled out - DNA and/or Dentals
    STEWART, Debra Kay - Ruled out - DNA
    SUTHERLAND, Ginger Anne - Ruled out - Dentals
    THOMAS, Michelle Doherty - Ruled out - DNA
    VELASQUEZ, Maria Trinidad - Ruled out - DNA
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  3. Salem

    Salem Former Member

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    Maria Trinidad Velasquez

    Please add Maria to the ruled out list. Ruled out by DNA.


  4. ralynn

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  5. ghoulnextdoor

    ghoulnextdoor Member

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    Hello i'm just wondering how these women have been ruled out?

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