Amber Alert successes: More than 650 kids rescued

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    Amber Alert successes: More than 650 kids rescued
    By Ashley Fantz, CNN
    updated 9:09 PM EDT, Tue August 13, 2013

    (CNN) -- May 20: Massachusetts, a brother and sister are snatched. A truck driver sees a vehicle that the suspected kidnapper is driving and calls police, who find the kids inside, under blankets and pillows. They're safe. The children's father is arrested.

    May 22: A car with a 1-year-old girl inside is stolen near a Georgia day care. A security camera image shows a suspect getting into a vehicle and driving away. Police get a call from a resident because the suspect's car has been parked on a nearby street all night. The child is rescued....

    That's very cool! :thumb:
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