Ambulance crew left body in garage by trash, to end their shift on time

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    An ambulance crew in Ely, Cambridgeshire, England, have been accused of leaving a young man's body on the floor of their emergency station near trash cans, so they could finish their shift on time. The hospital mortuary they should have taken him to, Addenbrookes, is just over 20 miles away.

    32-year-old James Harrison of Littleport, had died outside a fire station September 24th, when the emergency crew was called to pick him up. They were allegedly 'authorized' to leave his body on the floor of the garage area at the Ely Ambulance sub-station, which was discovered an hour later by a crew arriving for work. It's not clear if his body was left on a stretcher or in a body bag.

    A whistleblower broke the news this week and the ambulance service has apologized, although they have refused to confirm the story. The whistleblower said: 'I've never experienced anything like this in my career.'

    The Chief Executive of the service, Anthony Marsh, says they are 'working with the family' of James Harrison, the deceased, to find out what happened. Local politicians and patient associations, meanwhile, are demanding answers.

    Locals also want to know why police - who spent three days investigating the death of former heroin addict Mr Harrison - failed to put up a cordon until several hours after his body had been removed from the scene of his death. An inquest into his death has been opened and adjourned until January 14th. The cause of death hasn't been determined and further tests are pending.
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