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    Have to place this here.
    A snippet from the FB site.

    Recommended Tests
    For DNA Testing:

    For all adoptees and others with unknown parents and/or grandparents, I recommend autosomal DNA testing.

    Males with unknown paternity should also order a Y-STR test (Y-37 level or higher). With this test it may be possible for a male to determine his genetic surname. Max Blankfeld of Family Tree DNA has estimated that this is possible about 30%-40% of the time.

    Autosomal testing:

    For autosomal DNA testing, start with either AncestryDNA ($99), 23andMe ($199) and/or Family Tree DNA's Family Finder ($99). Recently, we have been seeing a lot of success with AncestryDNA and unknown parentage cases due to the large database and connected family trees. If at all possible, test at all three companies in order to "fish in all three ponds" for close family matches. There are so many success stories using this method that it is important to give yourself the best chance possible because you never know in which database the key match will be found that will solve the mystery of your origins! AncestryDNA data may also be uploaded to FTDNA's Family Finder database for a reduced price ($39), so if you test there first, you can be in both of those databases for less.

    This is what gets me, there are areas of testing...
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    [FONT=helvetica, arial, times new roman]Hi all, it was Anna that originally brought me to WS although it's my first time posting here. [/FONT]

    [FONT=helvetica, arial, times new roman]I have a suggestion to add certain meta tags or key phrases on the new website for Anna. Here's my thinking based on Anna's point of view:[/FONT]

    [FONT=helvetica, arial, times new roman]It's very probable Anna has vivid and distinct memories from when she was 2 - 5 years old. She may be trying to make connections from what she remembers as a child to what she now knows as an adult. I've read that Anna was constantly around animals like horses, chickens (eggs), & roosters. It's possible that as an adult Anna associates these memories with words like "farm" / "ranch" [/FONT]in relation to[FONT=helvetica, arial, times new roman] her abduction. [/FONT]

    [FONT=helvetica, arial, times new roman]Under this assumption, I tried googling in an incognito browser (so the search results were not influenced by previous search terms or articles I have read) the following phrases:

    - Farm girl missing
    - Farm girl abducted
    - Farm girl abducted 1970s
    - Farm girl missing 1970s
    - Girl abducted on (from) a farm
    - Abducted from a farm 1970s

    I checked all the links several pages deep into the search results for each phrase. None of these search terms brings me to any site or mention of Anna. I recommend adding these terms / phrases as meta tags to Anna's website. Also, retyping media articles (not just linking to them) could help boost search engine results as well as tagging certain phrases.
    I know this is minor but could be beneficial from Anna's point of view. I wish nothing more than that she is reunited with her family.[/FONT]:loveyou:

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