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    2.png A new Australian podcast has launched this week, analysing the death of 19-year-old Annette Deverell four decades ago. She went to buy some smokes from town, went dancing with friends and never came home. Have a listen.

    Annette - The Skeleton in the Forest
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    Dec 12 2019
    Perth police offer $250,000 to crack cold case murder
    Perth police offer $250,000 to crack cold case murder
    A $250,000 reward has been offered to help crack the cold case murder of a teenager in Perth in 1980."
    Police offer $250,000 to crack 1980 Perth murder case

    Annette Caroline Deverell was aged 19, when her mother Margaret Carver dropped her in central Mandurah on September 13, 1980. (9News)
    "I'd like to know what happened before I go to my grave," Mrs Carver said. "Her brothers would like to know."
    Annette disappeared at around 1130pm, with some witnesses telling police they saw her standing near the post office at the corner of Sholl St and Pinjarra Rd.
    In one account she was talking to a young man with shoulder-length blonde hair.
    Her remains were found almost two years later in bushland about 30km from Mandurah."

    "Former detective Jeff Beaman, who reviewed the case in 1999, said the case could still be solved.
    "The person is probably still living in the community and is still a risk to the community," he said. "If he's killed once, what else has he done?"
    Mandurah MP David Templeman, who pushed for the big reward, says Annette's family needs closure.
    "There could be people, possibly a number of people that know something about what happened to Annette - who was responsible," he said.
    Anyone with information should call Crimestoppers on 1800 333 000"
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    Jan 2 2020
    Mandurah Mail 2019 year in review: Cold case podcast launched in September
    "Annette: Cold Case Unlocked explores the mysterious circumstances surrounding Annette Deverell's disappearance in 1980 from outside a Mandurah post office.

    To her friends at Pinjarra High School in the late 1970s, Annette was the "cool chick". Popular and pretty, she was a bit of a rebel. She had a kind heart but Annette acted tough - a "rough diamond" who seemed "a bit indestructible".

    In a time before social media and smartphones, Annette and her teen-aged friends made their own fun in the sleepy seaside town they called home. They did "bog laps" around the streets in their cars. Beers down on the foreshore. Mischief at the midnight drive-ins. Dancing to live bands at the pubs on Saturday night.

    Then, one Saturday night, 19-year-old Annette partied with her friends at the pub, went out to buy a packet of smokes and vanished.

    Initially, police treated Annette's disappearance as a missing persons case. But her friends and family had no reason to think she would run away. Two years later, their worst fears were realised when her skull and a few bone fragments were found in bushland about 20 kilometres from the Pinjarra townsite. "Skeleton in the forest," screamed a newspaper headline following the gruesome discovery.

    When she disappeared and again after the remains were identified by dental records in 1982, police interviewed Annette's friends and family, and others who knew her and who saw her laughing and dancing at the pub on the night she vanished.

    But almost four decades later, no one knows what happened to Annette Deverell. An inquest into her death has never been held. A reward for information had never been offered.

    But someone somewhere knows something. Was Annette the victim of serial killers with links to the region where she lived? Or is someone who knew Annette and who maybe still lives in her home town hiding a grim, brutal secret?"
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    HOMICIDE - ANNETTE CAROLINE DEVERELL - MANDURAH WA - 13/SEP/1980 - Crime Stoppers Western Australia
    Case date: Saturday 13 September 1980 Location: MANDURAH

    • 19 years of age.
    • Light skinned.
    • 167cm (5 feet 6 inches) tall.
    • Small build.
    • Blonde, collar length hair.
    • Wearing a white cotton long sleeved button up top over a white blouse, black jeans with pink piping around the front pockets. She was carrying a black shoulder bag.
    • Miss Deverell lived in Mandurah with her family.
    • On Saturday 13 September 1980 she went out and met her friend in Mandurah.
    • Was seen talking to an unidentified young man around 11pm near the Mandurah Post Office.
    • Was seen alone, at the same location around 11:30pm.
    • Reported missing on 15 September 1980.
    • Remains located on Sunday 4 July 1982 just off Scarp Road, approximately 30 kilometres from where she was last seen.

    Annette Caroline Deverell was born in Tasmania in May 1961, her family moved to Mandurah Western Australia in 1974. Miss Deverell left high school when she was 16 years of age.


    At about 8:00pm on Saturday 13 September 1980 Miss Deverell was dropped off at the Boathouse Tavern on Pinjarra Road Mandurah by her Mother. She attended a number of venues before arriving at the Brighton Hotel on Mandurah Terrace.

    Miss Deverell left the Brighton Hotel by herself at around 11pm and was seen talking to a young man, on the corner of Mandurah Terrace and Pinjarra Road near the Post Office.

    The last confirmed sighting of Miss Deverell was again at this location at about 11.30pm, at this time she was alone.

    Her mother reported her as a missing person at 10:00pm on Monday 15 September 1980.


    Two trail bike riders found Miss Deverell’s remains on Sunday 4 July 1982, next to a large log in a heavily wooded, burnt out forest area just off Scarp Road, Pinjarra. This is a distance of approximately 30km’s from where she was last seen and 12-15km’s from Pinjarra.

    A month later, Miss Deverell’s handbag was found off the same road, two kilometres from where she was found.

    The person or persons responsible for the death of Miss Deverell have not yet been identified.

    The young man last seen with her has never been identified. If you have any information about the murder of Annette Caroline Deverell, please contact Crime Stoppers on 1800 333 000 or make an online report below. Please remember that you can remain anonymous if you wish and rewards are offered.

    Make a Report

    Help make your community safer by reporting what you know.
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    Here is a video report about the recent appeal and reward in this case:

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