Anthropology student looking for interview volunteers!

Discussion in 'Announcements' started by student_anthropologist, Apr 28, 2021.

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    Hello WebSleuths patrons!

    My name is Lili and I am a student studying Sociology and Anthropology at my university. For my introductory anthropology course, I am conducting research on the WebSleuths community as an online forum community. In order to continue my research, I need input from community members themselves. I am looking to talk to around 3-5 individuals who feel comfortable discussing their place in the Websleuths community and/or want to discuss the nature of this community from an insider perspective.

    The questions I am exploring are as follows:
    1. What drew you to the Websleuths community?

    2. What has contributed to your continued interest in this community? What keeps you coming back?

    3. Do you have a background in criminal justice/forensics/law/etc?

    4. What page(s) do you spend most of your time on? What cases in particular are you interested in?

    5. How often do you contribute to forum discussions?

    6. Do you prefer to talk amongst other members or to browse discussions without contributing your thoughts?
    I encourage anyone who is interested in helping me out to reply to this post or to dm me. I look forward to hearing from you, and thank you in advance for your participation!
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    Hi! I filled these out here but you are welcome to PM me as well! I would be happy to answer any other questions and discuss things!

    1. I like that it's a classic old fashioned forum with lots of activity where people can talk about a variety of true crime cases.
    2. I really enjoy the community and the forum style and how easy it is to post about a variety of cases and get good info as well as have interesting discussions.
    3. No. When I was younger I thought maybe I would want to study something along the lines of forensics or mortuary sciences, but I decided against it and I'm in a teacher prep program now.
    4. I spend most of my time in the Unidentified forum. Before she was ID'd I posted a lot in Marcia King (fka Buckskin Girl)'s forum. I still mostly stay in UID threads.
    5. If I am reading a thread, more often than not I will also post on it. I have a lot of posts here! I was gone for a while due to being busy but now I'm back and posting a lot.
    6. I definitely prefer to "talk" with other members! If I'm reading a thread I usually post on it as well. I like having discussions here.
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    I'd be glad to help! :)
    1. I've been browsing this forum for years and finally decided to make an account - I like to contribute with theories and details such as photos, etc.

    2. My interest was in MP cases, but I'm now interested in UID's too.

    3. I do not. I am currently a teacher in the Western USA.

    4. I spend most of my time of UID and ID'D pages, but sometimes some MP pages too.

    5. I contribute as actively as I can.

    6. I, frankly, enjoy talking amongst other members.

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