Antique cannonball prompts bomb scare

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    A McKinney weapons collector who kept an antique cannonball in his apartment got a chance to show it off to the McKinney Police Department and the Plano PD's bomb squad Monday morning, McKinney Police Capt. Randy Roland said.

    The unidentified man kept the Civil War cannonball in his apartment at the Cedar Creek Village Apartments complex located in the 600 block of S. Graves Street, Roland said.

    Police received an anonymous tip on the cannonball and responded to the scene around 11:30 a.m. Monday. The resident answered the door and welcomed officers to look around his apartment, Roland said.

    Police found an “anti-personnel” incendiary device that contained smaller metal projectiles and black powder. They called in the Plano Police's bomb squad to dispose of the device, Roland said.

    Wood said since the Civil War-era cannonball is so old and the cast iron has deteriorated over time, the slightest bump or drop would have caused the cannonball to detonate.

    “If he would have dropped it, it would have gone off,” Wood said. “The explosive in this is black powder and we've had articles written by bomb squads in the area where [Civil War battles] were fought who would come across items all the time and they're very dangerous.”
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