Any Interviews With Jury Members of The Trials? Changed Views?

Discussion in 'West Memphis III' started by Satch, Sep 15, 2011.

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    Hey All,

    I was wondering, based on all the new evidence in the WM3 trials about new suspects, lack of the defendants' DNA at the crime scene, the unmatched bite marks, the suspicions of Terry Hobbs, who's DNA was found at the scene, if any jurors have been interviewed who said, based on information known now, not presented at the trials, they would have voted, "Not Guilty?"

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    I don't believe that any jurors have come forward recently. I know that a couple of jurors made statements at the time of the Misskelley/Baldwin Rule 37 hearing in support of the idea that the foreman in the Echols/Baldwin trial illegally introduced the Misskelley statement into deliberations and that his actions (the foreman's) played heavily in their guilty vote. Those statements are buried somewhere in the Exhibits for the Rule 37 proceedings. If anyone has a link, please provide. My research skills are woefully weak when something is buried, but I know I've seen and read those statements somewhere.

    However, as I said initially, I have not seen or read any jurors' statements made since the release. I did hear one of Jessie's neighbors say, during the block party that his father organized, that Jessie was really with her at the time of the murders. That's here:,0,1626375.story .

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