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    I spent a couple of years exploring Paganism. I have a couple of custom-made items by Waterhawk Creations that I wouldn't mind unloading.

    I waited many years before I decided that I was definitely not going to want these items any longer.

    I have:

    A chalice made of and ostrich egg mounted onto a glass stem. Adorned with raw rubies and emeralds as well as amber. (paid 350 dollars from Waterhawk)

    An athame that was dropped and broke at the point where the "blade" was soldered. The blade is a quartz crystal ... the handle is a solid piece of tiger's eye about 5 inches long. I think it has a raw ruby and a raw emerald on it. It can be sent back to Waterhawk (i have asked them) to be repaired and reinvented to suit the new owner. The fee to repair it is a fraction of the cost for a custom item. (paid 175 dollars from Waterhawk. Of course, it is broken now)

    A bowl made of abalone shell with the outside covered with nickel-cadmium studded with scallop shells. The ridge of the bowl is lined with amethyst crystals and the legs are also amethyst. (paid 350 dollars from Waterhawk)

    a simple rattle made from an ostrich egg (paid 25 dollars from Waterhawk)

    I also have 30-50 books relating to pagan topics as well as other various items.

    Anyone who is interested is welcome to PM me, and I am willing to figure out a way to set up a transaction that will protect both of us.

    I need to sell these items because 7YO's dad has decided to withhold child support again, and the mortgage on my house will be due soon. I have to pay two mortgage payments somehow before my financial aid is disbursed.

    Thanks for reading :)
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