anyone sell clothing on ebay?

Discussion in 'WS-BAY!' started by smile22, Feb 28, 2015.

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    any fellow ws sell clothing on ebay. i used to do it years ago but i would purchase my clothing from deep discounts at clothing stores and sell them in lots to make a profit off of them.

    i recently got some good deals on some nwt and gently worn dresses that i am starting to list on ebay that i got for a real steal two of the dress came in and they were just like described so i have them up as auction and by now but i am wondering if i should take away the buy now and just do the auction but i want to get at as close as the buy now price so i can make a profit.

    i also want to start getting clothing wholesale so i can have a few pieces of each item in a few different sizes so i can have more variety to choose from. does anyone know any ligit wholesale websites where i can get decent clothing. i am kinda leery of some of the websites the clothing is coming from china i recently got married this past summer and in bridal world there are so many knock off gowns being made by these china companies who are trying to pass them off as the real deal and when brides get there dresses they look like crap the materials are cheep dresses are falling apart. i want to sell all sizes of womens dresses. i am an expert on plus sizes so id love to find a wholesaler who has a good assortment of plus sizes but i also want to offer stuff in smaller sizes as well. i also need to get a package or box of very inexpensive dress bags/garment bags i think for now using clear garbage bags and large shopping bags could work for now

    here are both my listings feel free to critique them i have not done this in so long that i am a little rusty.
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