Aphrodite Jones and The Staircase on the Latest Websleuths Radio

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    Have you seen the new documentary series on Netflix called "The Staircase"? If you have you probably think you have seen the whole story of how Michael Peterson was found guilty of killing his wife Kathleen Peterson only to have his conviction overturned right? Sorry, my friend. You are not close to having the whole story behind "The Staircase." True crime author and investigative reporter Aphrodite Jones spent time interviewing Michael Peterson while he was in prison. Ms. Jones has investigated the death of Kathleen Peterson inside and out. There is no one who knows more about The Staircase than Aphrodite Jones. You will be shocked when you hear Ms. Jones describe what was left out of this documentary and how the filmmaker slanted this series to fit a certain outcome. On the latest episode of Websleuths Radio, Ms. Jones does not hold back. After you listen then you will have the true story of what really happened in "The Staircase".
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