Aphrodite Jones re-release of Red Zone - with new info on the Aryan Brotherhood.

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    Remember the death of Diane Whipple? She was mauled to death in 2001 by two very vicious Presa Canarios. CLICK HERE for info on Diane's death.
    Tonight award-winning true crime author Aphrodite Jones joins us on Websleuths YouTube LIVE. 10 PM Eastern to discuss the re-release of her book "Red Zone".
    Red Zone looks into the death of Whipple but also how the Aryan Nation operates. For the first time, Jones is able to show us never-before-seen photos and goes into detail on how the brotherhood operates while behind bars.
    It will blow your mind.
    I have uploaded a few new pictures that are in the new printing of Red Zone
    Click on the YouTube thumbnail and join us live at 10 PM Eastern tonight.

    “Cornfed” Schneider - the head of the Aryan Brotherhood
    The AB tattoo / clover with 666
    he “Triad” Noel is King, Knoller is Queen, Paul is Prince / they rule over Dog o War

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