AR AR - Alexa Denise Galdamez, 3, Abducted by Yesenia Manzano, Springdale, 26 Aug 2010

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    AR Gov Never Forgotten Website: Details

    MSM Links: Missing Kids: Alexa Galdamez

    Alexa was allegedly abducted by her mother, Yesenia Manzano, on August 26, 2010. A felony warrant for Interference with Custody was issued for Yesenia on November 23, 2010. They are believed to be in Mexico. Alexa's ears are pierced. Yesenia may dye her hair red. She has tattoos on her right hand and on the right side of her upper back.


    Sep 23, 2014

    BENTONVILLE -- Two Bentonville residents are racing across America to bring a missing Springdale girl back home. They are part of a YouTube-based reality show: Fireball Run. Team Bentonville will officially kick off the 14 destination race come Friday.

    "What we're doing is looking for America's missing children and we get to play a game along the way and we've been assigned a young lady named Alexa Galdamez out of Springdale. We're searching for her," said Gan Nunnally, a participant on the Bentonville Fireball Run team.

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