AR AR - Bonnie McFadden, 78, Coal Hill, Aug 2005

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    15 Sept 09

    Authorities are investigating a man's report that the body of a Johnson County woman missing for four years is in Beaver Lake in Benton County.

    A news release from the Johnson County sheriff's office says authorities received a tip Friday that the body of Bonnie McFadden was left in the lake. Divers searched an area of the lake Friday but say they found no evidence related to the case.

    The then-78-year-old McFadden of Coal Hill was last seen in August 2005 cashing a check at a bank in Clarksville. Her brother later found her driveway gate and cars unlocked and her purse and financial papers missing.

    The name of the man who provided the information has not been released. Authorities say they plan to meet with him again and that he is not a suspect in McFadden's disappearance.

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    Sad... there's not much out there on this. I lived in Clarksville at the time of her disappearance and remember seeing missing posters for her around town. I'd like to find out what happened to her.

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