AR AR - Maud Crawford, 63, Camden, 2 March 1957

Discussion in 'Pre-1960's Missing' started by Gardener1850, Jun 7, 2017.

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    I ran across Maud's story while looking for something else and thought she should be posted here.

    [​IMG] [​IMG]

    Maud was 5'5" and 165 lbs.

    Greying red hair and glasses.

    She was a respected estate and title attorney and the first woman attorney in Arkansas.

    Here is a Charlie Project Page:

    I could not find her in other missing persons databases.
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    Smells like foul play. She was helping Rose Berg with her state and that involved quite a lot of money.
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    It bothers me that her husband left for so many hours and when he came home she was gone but everything else seemed normal, including the family dog there.

    Why would she have been stringing green beans in the evening, wouldn't that be something done before supper?

    I wonder if her husband was looked at closely? Could something have happened earlier that day, and he later went to the movie and liquor store to set up an alibi?
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    Money is a powerful thing, and an estate worth $15 million dollars (nearly $132 million in today's money) is certainly enough for Maud to have been murdered over. I would like to know what happened to the proceedings after Maud disappeared - I would think that Mike wouldn't be able to just take over and revise the documents so that he had more control over the money, but if a random attorney who didn't really care about the case came in afterward, Rose Berg may have been totally ran over by the system. I don't know enough about that area of the legal system, so if someone more educated in it comes across this thread, please enlighten us!

    The fact that the whole dispute between Mike and Maud didn't come out until almost 30 years later, and reportedly people were still scared to talk about it, tells me that Mike had friends in high places. Maybe he paid them to keep quiet about the situation. Unfortunately when a person has a lot of power like Mike seemed to have (within the business, at least) they can get away with a lot and nobody ever finds out about it.

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