AR AR - Patsy Baker, 42, Marked Tree, July 1999

Discussion in '1990's Missing' started by Saavy, Feb 27, 2007.

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    An arrest warrant has been issued out of Mountain View in a murder case from eight years ago and authorities also would like to interview the suspect about the disappearance of a friend of his.

    State police Special Agent Phil Carter says an arrest warrant was issued for Danny Noel Taylor, 50, in the September 1999 robbery and death of Marietta Whetnall, 72, of Mountain View.

    Carter says investigators also want to question Taylor about Patsy L. Baker, 50, of Marked Tree, who moved to the Mountain View area with Taylor in 1999.

    Baker was reported missing by a family member in January 2000, about six months after she was last seen at a dentist office in Mountain View.

    "The arrest warrant is out of Mountain View, and it does not have anything to do with the case in Marked Tree," Carter says. "He is not in any trouble in the Marked Tree issue, but we would like to talk to him about it."
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    NAMPN page:

    Charley Project page:

    Recent news article:

    22 Jan 09

    After nearly 10 years, the mystery of what happened to Marked Tree resident Patsy Baker may be solved soon. Missing since June 1999, Baker's case has never been officially closed according to Marked Tree detective Jeremy Bond.

    What has suddenly given Bond as well as other authorities hope that they might soon be able to close this case is the resolution of another case last Wednesday in Mountain View.

    Holly Myer, Stone County Deputy Prosecuting Attorney, announced that Danny Taylor, 51, had pleaded guilty in Circuit Court to the murder nearly10 years ago of Mountain View resident Marietta Whetnall, 72.

    Taylor, charged with second-degree murder, was sentence to 10 year in prison following his plea.

    Taylor, who lived with Baker after they moved to Mountain View in 1999, is now of even more interest in Baker's disappearance.

    much more at link
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    Patsy has been missing for 15 years today.

    Status Missing
    First name Patsy
    Middle name L
    Last name Baker
    Nickname/Alias Pat Baker
    Date last seen July 14, 1999 00:00
    Date entered 07/18/2011
    Age last seen 42 to 42 years old
    Age now 57 years old
    Race White
    Sex Female
    Height (inches) 64.0
    Weight (pounds) 110.0

    Dental Status: Dental information / charting is currently not available
    DNA Status: Sample submitted - Tests complete
    Fingerprint Information Status: Fingerprint information is available and entered
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