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Archive for July 17 show on iHeart's True Crime Radio, Erica Parson's bio mom.

Discussion in 'Websleuths Radio' started by Tricia, Jul 17, 2014.

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    If you miss this show you can go to the archives CLICK HERE

    Tonight 8 PM Eastern on iHeart's True Crime Radio we welcome missing teen Erica Parson's mother Carolyn.

    Erica's adoptive parents say Erica went to visit her "Grandmother". A person no one can find ala Casey Anthony and Zanny the nanny.

    Cadaver dogs hit on sent on the adoptive parents backyard shed. Why did the police standby and do nothing?

    Erica's bio mom explains why she gave her daughter up to the adoptive parents and why she thinks they know where Erica really is.

    Also we welcome Gabriella van Rij .Gabreiella has a documentary coming out in August focusing on childhood bullying and suicide. Her latest book is, "With All My Might"

    Join us tonight and every Thursday at 8 PM.

    To get the link to the show on iHeart go to There you will find not only the link to the live show at 8 PM Eastern on
    iHeart but we have our chat room and the archives.

    Everything you need is a few taps away TONIGHT 8 PM Eastern.
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