Are things worse now..? Crimes and media?? 50's/60's vs today?

Discussion in 'A CALL TO ACTION! Calif. DMH Illegally Releases 17' started by LogicalMinds, Feb 14, 2010.

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    My Opinion. Things are worse now.
    Number 1) The nature of sin is to increase. As time moves forward it's like a snowball rolling down a mountain side.
    Number 2) There are more drugs nowadays, ESPECIALLY prescription poisons that fry the brain and lower inhibition. The internet and smart(idiot)phones make pornography more accessible and (my opinions once again) sexual crimes against women and children increase because of this.
    Number 3) Child abuse is on the rise yet most get swept under the rug. This increases juvenile delinquents which increases crime and these juveniles eventually turn into adult criminals, because "the system" has NO IDEA how to help these types of people other than, usually, but not always, punishing them even more which makes them worse.

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