arrest of horse sex abuse suspect

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    MANNING, OR (KPTV) - A man living in rural Washington County is accused of sneaking into a barn and sexually abusing horses over a span of eight months.

    Deputies first started investigating in the fall of 2012, when the barn's owner found evidence someone was entering her barn and sexually abusing horses.

    Detectives installed monitoring equipment and a man was caught on camera going into the barn. Further surveillance showed the man inappropriately touching the animals, according to police records.

    On Wednesday, detectives arrested Hall-Rivas at his home. Court documents show he admitted to police making sexual contact with two horses on multiple occasions.

    He said the first time he entered the barn, he was kicked by a horse. He said that deterred him at first, according to probable cause documents, but he couldn't remember how many more times he went into the barn.

    You play the ponies - you don't play with the ponies.
    He got kicked because neigh means neigh.
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