ARRESTED- Luka Rocco Magnotta:1st deg murder charge #10

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Someone yesterday posted an article from National Post (?) have to go to work or I would find it. Few things since I won't be able to post rest of day:
1.Article said way L.M. was brought back to Canada was unprecedented and probably illegal under international law that the correct extradition process as not followed.

2. But IMO Canada could not leave him in Germany though had to get in home could not take risk he would talk.

3. IMO I think much more chance of him being found criminally not responsible they do not like what he is going to say, who he says he has links to (for example has slept with and if there are other government contacts say as an informant).

4. I don't believe (entirely) the story about Quebec wanting to avoid a media circus. Slightly exaggerating here to make my point but it is like LM is being internally renditioned and sent into a black prison. They won't be able to allow him to talk.

5. Don't forget the "pull" factor of the psychiatric establishment which will want to get their hooks in him for study and, if I am right and he is "the man who knows too much" they will have to blast that out of him as well.

6. There are interesting changes to the E. Dramatica page the odd last paragraph which I suggested came more from the "Anonymous" side of that site rather than the simply satirical side, the paragraph that said that he might actually be innocent or have been manipulated into the killing and the actual murder or plot being the responsibility by a highly placed Canadian serial killer has been taken down even though it says the last time the site was edited was May. Also the link to the necrophilia blog of LM as far as I can tell is gone.

6.The problem for Canada will be China which wants justice of course I think this is an international incident in terms of foreign police and Canada will have to try to both appease China and keep LM under wraps. I have no idea how they will do that it is the most interesting thing right now I mean in terms of not being able to guess what they will do.

A few responses.

First, there was nothing "illegal" or "unprecedented" about how LRM was extradited. Generally speaking, extradition is a matter of international relations between two states; there are no specific requirements about how extradition must be carried out. The only time where international law becomes an issue, is when a state refuses to extradition but also refuses to prosecute a suspect. This becomes a matter of "safe harbours".

I think what you're thinking of is the process of extraordinary rendition, an extra-judicial process, which is entirely different. This is where, say, State A secretly renders or removes a criminal suspect from the territory of State A, in order to have him interrogated in State B, which has more lax laws or legal protections. That is not what happened here-- this was a fugitive being quickly returned to face justice. In fact, the process was flawlessly done, with judicial input from a German Court; diplomatic exchanges, etc. Nothing "extra judicial" about it.

The news articles describing the extradition as "exceptional" was because it was exceptional for a suspect to be transported not in a commercial airline, but in a military plane. There is nothing illegal about that; obviously, it just means LE was taking this more seriously.


Second, what is all this about LRM having anything special to say beyond how he committed this horrific crime? Is this all based on those couple edits to that Encyclopedia Dramatica page? That could have been done by any of the million trolls or delusional conspiracy theorists online. There was a guy on YouTube setting up a "LRM Defense" fund and making weird claims about his innocence within days of the LRM story breaking. There are some very weird and opportunistic people out there posting about this story; it doesn't mean LRM is a patsy for some grand conspiracy, nor does it mean LRM has anything particularly interesting to say, beyond confessing the details and reasons for his crime.

Third, I agree China presents an interesting angle of difficulty; but I think Canada won't do anything different. The process will be: have LRM tried and hopefully convicted for life; then declared a Dangerous Offender, so he never sees the light of day again. Much like Paul Bernardo.

I maintain that if LRM is diagnosed as a psychopath-- which I believe he is-- he will still stand trial. A successful insanity defense must show that the accused did not "appreciate the nature and quality" of his/her actions. Think of a schizophrenic living in a world of hidden voices and false images.

Psychopathy is not a kind of psychological condition that would render someone unfit to stand trial because a psychopath, by contrast, fully understands the nature of their actions. They know what they are doing is wrong. They know it's illegal. But they do it anyways, in part because they often gain excitement from breaking rules, and in part because they have no capacity to empathize with their victims.
My main point here is that I am tired of having to defend my empathetic nature concerning ALL aspects of this case. There have been mentions of his dysfunctional background given to us by an aunt, some school friends, etc...links for these can be found in earlier threads and it is this I am basing my ponderings on. It is fact that he was born to teeneaged parents who broke up and he was sent to live with his grandparent who was a domineering sort.
I just don't think ANY of us who show some empathy for Luka should be belittled, or looked down on as lesser than those of you who do not share the same level of compassion. I think the measure of a society is in its ability to have compassion for even the least of it's members, and that is how I conduct myself.

This movie on TV this evening at 8 on #ch 11, concerns body parts and compassion...'s_Museum
Hey, thanks for the thoughtful response. The reason I would not contact the authorities about this is because I have no proof. When I called the FBI years ago about a guy who threatened my life indirectly (pictures, strange remarks, etc) and stalked me online (and still stalks me online), whom I'd collected online data about, the guy I spoke with laughed and said it sounded like the guy just had a crush on me. I realized that a lot of online evidence isn't taken seriously. Also, I simply lack any evidence in this case. It's been too many years, the internet accounts used no longer exist, so I'd sound like I was just making up stories.

And yes, I've met many messed up people online but they have different types of dysfunction and personality. This was the person I thought of when discovering the Magnotta case, and when I learned that Luka impersonated women he knew online, it made me wonder even more.

while im not really sure you were talking to luka....there are MANY MANY like luka out there - online. while ive met some amazing people online - some who are now my closest friends and have met them in person - ive met some people who were truly f.cked up....some ive almost had to get a restrianing order against (for stalking, harassment and overall weirdness) and some who were not who they claimed to be. that is life online and its a fun place and at the same time a dangerous place.

if you believe it was luka, hand over all the info to police. im thinking it was not luka and just another freak that can be found in the onlin world....

regardless its just good to be careful whom you talk to and take things slow and go w/ your gut. if it feels off, it is off.

thanks for sharing! i myself have some absolutely crazy stories i could tell about meeting people online.....and some great ones too :)
Jun Lin decided to Canadianize his name to Jun (Justin) Lin, and I think people should respect his wish to do so.

He chose to Anglicize it, actually.

Good gracious, can't we all just get along?
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if you want to discuss a certain aspect of this case look to see if there is already a thread on that topic and continue there. If there is not a thread on a specific topic, then start one.
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