Article from CNN about 50 unsolved cold cases. One solved.

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    Although all of the nearly 50 cases featured over the past year have been special in some way and worthy of attention, a few stand out in hindsight.

    Brianna Denison was the cold case that resulted in an arrest. Media coverage in September 2008 brought in the tip that led to a suspect.

    Denison, 19, was visiting friends at the University of Nevada, Reno, and had crashed on the living room couch of an off-campus apartment. While she slept, someone crept into the apartment and abducted her. She was sexually assaulted and brutally strangled, and her body found weeks later in a snow-covered field a few miles away.

    A month after her story was featured as a cold case, triggering a series of local stories, police in Reno, Nevada, made an arrest.

    Never hurts to review these. :cow:
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