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Discussion in 'Missing Archives' started by Jackalyn, Jul 27, 2011.

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    This has been bothering me for a while. When they do artists progressions they show a healthy adult or child for missing persons. I am sure a lot of runaways end up on the streets and a lot of abducted persons maybe too are given drugs etc. This means they look nothing like the healthy impression. I just wonder why they do not do two impressions. The healthy one and then one like the person might look like if unkempt etc?

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    I agree with you, but I have seen age progressions that have been pretty accurate. But I agree, they always look like very mainstream, professional adults.

    What bothers me so much with artist impressions in this field are when they find remains that are unidentified, and they attempt to recreate the face from the remains, they almost never show the teeth. URGG. I would recognize the front teeth of anyone I know well, and they're a constant - you don't have to guess, they look like what they look like. I don't know why virtually no artists conceptions of remains have an accurate drawing of the teeth, and why so many of the drawings don't look human - they look like wax creations of something.
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    It is very difficult to recreate an accurate and lifelike image of someone from a picture. My bro.-in-law is an artist and has a master's degree, but he says human faces are the most difficult to draw for him. He does not do portraits very often, because he says the facial features can change depending on the mood of the person. I think that's something only an artist would notice.

    Age progression pictures would be extremely difficult, but most of the ones I have seen are pretty accurate.

    As for the teeth, that's one of the least recognizable features to me. And if they are trying to ID remains, they have to take into consideration that the person may or may not have had good dental hygiene, needed braces, had missing teeth or so many other things to take into consideration. They could guess at it, but not showing the teeth could make a difference in being able to ID someone from a recreation. Family members could think, well, that looks like my daughter/son/mother/brother, but the teeth are all wrong, so no, it's not them.

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