Artists 'used semen' in protest paintings

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    Better on a painting than in the honey mustard sauce at Denny's :doh:


    A political artist in the US claims his portraits of Bill Clinton and George W Bush contain his own semen.

    Four paintings said to contain the artist's bodily fluids turned up myseriously at four prestigious museums.

    The paintings portray the current and former president on a background of ground-up dollar bills.

    Examples have so far turned up on walls of New York's New York's Guggenheim and Metropolitan Museums, Philadelphia's Museum of Art and the National Gallery of Art in Washington, DC.

    A source said typewritten notes containing political rants about "money" and the artist's "protest against genetic profiling", were found nearby.

    The spree has prompted a sweeping investigation by the US Secret Service and the FBI, as well as local police in three cities.

    The new york post says one note left behind read: "I mixed my semen in some acrylic gel medium and I painted it in the right hand corner of this piece of art. It is an artistic reference to the silent power of the biological sciences."

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