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    I will post various items here in case families of the missing are reading this forum. I have more to post, and will return as soon as I can to add more.

    This is an excerpt from my last email newsletter:

    Dear Families,

    The Holidays put extra stress on the average person, but those of us who have a missing loved one experience additional stress brought on by the fact that we live in the “not knowing”. TEAM Hope (a volunteer arm of NCMEC which provides a one-on-one volunteer for families of missing persons under age 21. ) has given permission for me to publish “Coping with the Holidays”. As it is a lengthy article, I have posted it on our forum. If you would like to read it, please click here:

    Opportunities for Media Attention:

    I was sent the link to a future NBC show called Solve My Case. They are taking submissions at
    I do not know anything more about this show, or how certain it is that they are going into production, but it is worth the few minutes it will take to fill out the application just in case.

    I was also informed that Geraldo Rivera is planning a segment on missing persons for his At Large show on Fox News. The Submit Story form is here:

    Project Jason is now a referring agency for "Missing," the nationally-syndicated weekly series from Telco Productions, Inc. The show's website is . This is a weekly show which features profiles of the missing, both children and adults. If your missing loved one has not been on this show before, please submit their information to me, and I will send it on to the show’s producers. Production begins again in January.

    To submit your missing loved one for the show, please send a separate email with the subject line “Missing Show”. In your email, include the missing person's name, physical description, at least one recent photograph, date, location and circumstances of their disappearance, and contact information for the agency working on the case. It is especially helpful if there is a webpage included to link from the show's website. The show can use additional pictures (including age progressions, associated vehicles, etc.), videos and other descriptive materials. They prefer to receive photographs with 72dpi jpeg files being the preferred format. (I can help with the latter if you are not sure how to size photographs.)

    “Missing” is broadcast in the following markets: If your city is not in the viewing area, you may want to petition your local station(s) to air the show.

    Project Jason is grateful to the producers of “Missing” for giving us this opportunity for awareness for our missing loved ones, and especially our adult cases, which often do not receive the media attention deserved.

    Awareness Program News:

    Project Jason’s Adopt a Missing Person program was recently in the news in Ohio when volunteers at Ashland University held their second annual Adopt a Missing Person Campaign. Last year, 432 missing person on the program were adopted by students and staff. This year, the students tripled that number and arranged 1,511 adoptions. They continue to work on expanding the program to other schools.

    The Voice for the Missing blog continues to gain readership. Certain media, including national outlets, are reading the stories there, and recently one of the stories resulted in a major newspaper interview for a family.

    If your story has not yet been featured on the blog, and you feel you would be able to complete a set of detailed written interview questions via email, please let me know. The main goal of the blog is to bring awareness for cases ignored by mainstream media, and to educate the public in regards to the issues surrounding missing persons. The link to the blog is in my signature.

    With Hope,

    Kelly Jolkowski, Mother of Missing Jason Jolkowski
    President and Founder,
    Project Jason
    Read our Voice for the Missing Blog
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