At least they died laughing

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    Second person dies in laughing gas binge

    A second person has died following what's believed to be a bungled laughing gas experiment in Sydney.

    Four people were dragged, unconscious, from a car in Union Street, Toongabbie, about 7.45am (AEST) on Sunday.

    A blue cylinder marked nitrous oxide, found in the boot, has been seized for examination.

    A 38-year-old man was rushed to hospital but was unable to be revived.

    Police said a 23-year-old Maraylya woman died at 5pm (AEST) on Monday in Westmead Hospital, surrounded by her family.
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    Most people don't know that you have to have a mix of NO and Oxygen because NO replaces the Oxygen in the blood stream.

    At my dentist office, they employ and anathesologist, to monitor the Oxygen levels, or death and brain damage can occur.......

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