Attack of the Night Monkey

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    Woman Attacked by Rare Pet

    An elderly woman received 20 stitches after being attacked and bitten by a kinkajou, a racoon-like pet that authorities said escaped from a home five miles away.

    Sadie Hester, 82, said she heard her dogs barking and fighting with something on the front porch Friday night.

    "I went out there Saturday morning about 8 to clean up the porch because they'd torn everything up," she said. "I thought whatever it was, was gone. I never saw him."

    Hester said as she started sweeping, the kinkajou jumped on her and wrapped his tail around her arm.

    "He kept biting my hands because I was trying to pry his teeth out of my hands," she said. "I just kept trying to get him off, and he tore up my left arm pretty bad."

    The animal is often referred to as "night monkey," but is kin to the raccoon. It is native to the tropical rainforest zone of Central and South America, weighs 4 to 8 pounds and ranges in color from cream to dark brown.

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