Attention! Could this be the ZODIAC MASTER KEY? Dates converted

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    I decided to give the crime scene dates and mailed letter/card dates a value in numbers and in letters of the the alphabet. I figured it was a long shot to see if Zodiac was calculating using dates to create the alphabet is some way or to preplot his crimes. Was it possible each date was inportant to build an alphabet of secret letters and numbers? I figured if I did all the crime scenes and the mailed letters, I would get lucky and hit at least half of the alphabet. I think the odds for getting that many are probably astronomical since there were only 27 dates to convert, but I thought it was worth the last 13 hours to do the work I have done here. The results are fantastic. I hit 23 of 26 letters of the alphabet when I did every date twice. Let me explain what twice means:
    Since Zodiac was (maybe still is?) into pairs and symetry, I decided to use the 2 digit,2 digit,4 digit date and the same date as a 2 didgit,2didgit,2 didgit date (2 conversions to numbers and letters of the alphabet) Example:
    02.14.1974 (2 digit,2 digit,4 digit =) 2+1+4+1+9+7+4= 28. since 28 is higher than 26(possible letter count of the alphabet) I broke it again to get 2+8=10. This became the letter J and since 10 breaks again, it gets a second number of 1+0=1 or A,thus in the 2-2-4 digit sequence, this date gets the letters A(1) and J(10) applied to that date. then 02.14.74 (2 digit, 2 digit, 2 digit) gets converted as well in an alternate conversion(2-2-2 didgit sequence) that is 2+1+4+7+4= 18 or 1+8=9 R(18) and I (9)
    taking all of the dates I came up with 22 hidden letters of 26 of the alphabet in 27 documented dates. I believe this is something big.
    What it means is this:
    There is a date or two missing, I suspect it is 2 dates to make the #'s that convert to crime dates that ,with all of the letters, made up the full alphabet and thus, are probably in some way(if the whole alphabet is complete) linked to the way the unsolved cyphers can be interpreted. I know it was a long shot, but now it can be recorded and used. I wonder if anyone ever took the time to do this?
    I am missing the converted values of 3 alphabetic letters. The letters are L,N, and V. This means I need to find the crime that was not concidered to be Zodiacs that really is his crime, or the possible 2 crimes I should say. This will be my next task, to find the missing crime(s) date(s) that completes this alphabet. It may also be the 1981 letter, but I havent found it yet. It could also be an earlier nightstalker crime or possibly one of the crimes where he left a match(reference to pairs).
    Also I suspect a hidden Baconian cypher and will work it next and explain it as well. for now, here are my results:
    Without showing all of the math(since it would take a while to post it all), I gave an example so you can test my conversions, but I simplified it here for you and just gave the final numer and letter value of each date: Do you notice all the pairs and similar results that were found? Only a mathmatician could have calcilated these dates to match like that. This is no coincidence, it was calculated. (MHO)
    Crimes are marked with a letter and mailed letters are assigned by number and iin order. I put the crime dates and letters together. Here they are
    The digit sequence results of each date is as such as presented. The 2-2-4 sequence results(shown first) and a dash dividing the 2-2-2 sequence (which is shown second).
    Example using first Date:
    A) 10. 30 1966 / 10.30.66
    1+3+1+9+6+6/ or 1+3+6+6
    =26 or (2+6=8)/ =16 or (1+6=7)
    26 =(Z) 8= (H)/ ~ 16 =P 7 =G

    A) 10.30.1966 CRIME Cherri Jo Bates .....*.Values:26=Z 8=H ..~ 16=P.. 7=G
    1) 11-29-1966 Mailed Letter *Values 26=Z 8=H ~ 16-P 7=G
    2) 04.30.1967 Mailed Letter %Values 3=C ~ 20=T 2=B
    B) 12.20.1968 Crime David F and Betty Lou J 11= K ~ 19=S 10=J 1=A
    3) 04.31.1969 Mailed Letter Values 6 =G ~ 26=Z 8=H
    C) )7.)4.1969 Crime Darlene Ferrin Mike Mageau $$Values 9=I ~ 26=Z 8=H
    4) 08.04.1966 Mailed Letter Values 8=H ~ 24=X 6=F
    D) 09.27.69 Crime Bryan Hartnell Cecilia Shepard Values 7=G ~ 6=F
    E) 10.11.1969 Crime Paul Stine $Values 10=J 1=A ~ 18=R 9=I
    5) 10.13.1969 Mailed Letter %Values 3=C ~ 20 =T 2=B
    6) Mailed Letter $$$Values 8=H ~ 25=Y 7=G
    7) 11.09.1969 Mailed letter Values 10=J 1=A ~ 26=Z 8=H
    8) 12. 20.1969 Mailed Letter %Values 3=C ~ 20=T 2=B
    9) 04.20.1970 Mailed letter ** Values 23=W 5=E ` ~ 13 =M 4=D
    10) 04.28.1970 Mailed Letter *# Values 4=D ~ 21=U 3=C
    11) 06.26.1970 Mailed Letter *# Values 4=D ~ 21=U 3=C
    12) 07.24.1970 Mailed Letter Values 3=C ~ 20=T 2=B
    13) 07.26.1970 Mailed Letter Values 5=E ~ 22=V 6=F
    14) 10.05.1970 Mailed Letter ** Values 23=W 5=E ~ 13=M 4=D
    15) 10.27.1970 Mailed Letter Values 9=I ~ 17=Q 8=H
    16) 03,13,1971 Mailed Letter *** Values 25=Y 7=G ~ 15=O 6=F
    17) 03 22 1971 Mailed Letter *** Values 25=Y 7=G ~ 15=O 6=F
    18) 01.29.1974 Mailed Letter Values 4 =F ~ 23 =W 5=E
    19) 02.14.1974 Mailed Letter $Values10=J 1=A ~ 18=R 9=I
    20) 05.08.1974 Mailed Letter Values 7=G ~ 24=X 6=F
    21) 07.08.1974 Mailed Letter $$Values 9 =I ~ 26=Z 8=H
    22) 04.24.1978 Mailed Letter $$$ Values 8=H ~ 25=Y 7=G

    8 pairs (17 dates of 27) are paired (8 sets total)(one set contains 3 matches) WAY BEYOND COINCIDENCE
    * = 1st set: A) + 1) both =l 26=Z 8=H ..~ 16=P.. 7=G
    % = 2nd set: 2) + 5) + 8) all three = 3=C ~ 20=T 2=B
    $$ = 3rd set C) + 21) both = 9=I ~ 26=Z 8=H
    $ = 4th set E) + 19) both = 10=J 1=A ~ 18=R 9=I
    $$$= 5th set 6) + 22) both = 8=H ~ 25=Y 7=G
    ** = 6th set 9) + 14) both = 23=W 5=E ` ~ 13 =M 4=D
    *** = 7th set 16) + 17) both = 25=Y 7=G ~ 15=O 6=F
    *# = 6th set 10) + 11) both = 4=D ~ 21=U 3=C
    3 sets are back to back
    *( A) 1) ), + *# ( 10) 11) ), + *** ( 14) 17) )
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    I am seeing it but where are you going with it.
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    Well, first I wanted to see if anything stood out, and obviously, it is mathmaticaly correct that 17 of 27 dates,when converted, pair exactly with others within those 17. This is well over 50%.
    Second, If I did find something of this nature, it then was, in my opinion, another layered works of the Zodiac. Knowing what I know bout my POI nd what he is into and how he decodes and comes up with his ideas when sokving these types of mysteries,I then suspect there is a baconian cypher hidden withing a certain level of layers here. As you know, there is still a number value layer here and also an A+ B (reference to the baconian cypher) and a 1,2,3 connection (paired are 123,1234 as the zoduiac did in one of the letters).
    Several cryptigrams are unsolved. I believe they are the key to the final solution that proves one way or another who the real 'Z' is whether or not there are manyy 'Z's or only just one. Maybe it also eventualy,snitches off a coven of killers, who knows.
    I do know this, I am deep into these types of things when it comes to my research. I would believe, if anyone into cyphers stumbles upon this, they may see what I do not. . I am aware though of percentages and 50% is a standout,anything above that is really worth looking into very hard.
    I know,I can see it now, I have many hours ahead on this one.
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    I made a typo in 18): 4 is supposed to be a 6, but the math and values are correct. I just missed it in my edit. I fixed this in the very next post I am about to drop in a few minutes.Again, the Leter value was correct, the 4 was a typo.
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    Well, yes I found a letter dated -5.02.78 and ended up geting what I thought was one of 3 letters that were missing(V (found at 13) ), but then realized, I had already had a hit rate of 24 of 26 letters covered within 27 dates, not 23 as I previously announced. Good news anyways. this 28th date does not match any of the other converted values.

    here it is added to the list:
    23) Letter 05.02.1978 Values: 24: X 6: F ~ 05.02.78 Values:22 :V 4: D
    (Remember this is the 23rd letter and 28th date overall so far)

    Something about this particular letter sequence. The locations of XFDV on my keyboard makes an 'X' that also connects th F and V in a way to make the 'X' look like 'Xl' (fish) . A pattern I caught on the side there, not sure if it means a damn thing though.

    We still do not have L or N after converting 28 dates.
    Here is another way to look at the importance of this discovery:
    17 dates converted into matches. It is safe to say that (9) of those were repeats. This leaves 19 Dates(converted) where 24 of the 26 letters of the alphabet were found. This leads me to think that all of the values, both numerals and letters alike have some important role in solving who the Zodiac is. It is possible that all of the conversions are part of a crypted sequence that shows the perps I.D. I already have discovered that some of these dates will convert again and again and create new values, so this project is taking me some time and gives me a head ache.
    It is obvious that this type of value conversions hold secrets, or my work would not have had so many matches and near completion of the alphabet.
    Is it possible that L & N means something else if the two letters can not be found?
    So here is what is needed in my opinion. We need the value totals of two dates:
    the date has to total 12 or 14 , since this could only be done one date conversion per number because they are so low. 66 is 12 in itself so we need a lower year in order to fit in the value of and not excede 12.
    heres the ones I can think of :

    01.02.1963 ~ / 01.02.63
    1+2+1+9+6+3 / 1+2+6+3
    =22 V / =12 L

    02.01.1963 (Same values as above) 02.01.63

    01.01.64 is the only other date I can think of tht would fit for 12 or L

    These two dates above , if crimes can be found on those dates or letters seem like likely candidates to find the missing L
    We could go back into 1962 and 1961,even 1960 and add several possible dates. These crimes I would suggest probably will be crimes against children that made newspapers. They could be teenages as well. I have heard of 11,12,&13 year ild boys commiting murder, so this is a possibility for my POI still,and even greater for those of you with POI's older than 64 as of todays date
    we can look at 01.04. 63 , 02.03.63, 03.02.63 or 04.01.63 as our likely candidates to COMPLETE the alphabet 14(N). I really suspect this letter or crime in one of the dates above, as my POI was 14 in 1963. Like I said, we need 2 dates(Letters/crimes) to complet the alphabet. I will put money on it that the astronomical chances (if this can be done) are off the charts when discoverig this alphabet key within 21 dates (remember 9 are repeats and possibly up to 11 with these last two added). Now, how can the chart be used as well?
    I think baconian conversion is possible in several ways, as well as a circle alhabet wheel. I will explore these areas when I find the missing 2 letters: L & N

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