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    Dear WS members and visitors:

    Maricopa Jane Doe 99-0305 has been identified. In keeping with the goals and vision of Websleuths, a dedicated group of posters has scoured the threads and removed pictures and links which, at this point, would only bring pain to her family. We would like to thank those that worked on this case - all 153 of you that made at least one post in the forum:

    VASHLEY88, believe09, Fairy1, christine2448, fmw63, Teresa Larson, phenolred, dee10134, Zanko, absinthe, Cubby, Angie4b1g, Auburnmommyof2, Vask, kaylenbabysims, BeavisMom62, Marstan, lorelei, reb, ArizonaGiGi, Lucy's mom, SassyAnne, Aphra, JDB, nicknjessesmom, youshouldveknown, Meyahna, timetravel, kwatson696, pardilia, LisainWV, annemc2, JinxieJada, Julessleuther, thefragile7393, Truthful Lies, amazing-sea-monkey, mjak, rccook555, Bree0372, jen_renee, Sable, not_my_kids, Paradise, Soulmagent, Soonerbabie, joanna, cali_mommy, The Green Hornet, laini, rhyno1974, missmuffit, Cymro, julianne, richandfamous, eleven, JusticeForAll, grievousangel, SeriouslySearching, LionRun, outofthedark, Gina_M, Beyond Belief, BethInAK, byomoi, ASU2USC, Mr. E, SieSie, KT Can, Lizza, teonspaleprincess, concernedperson, LaWanda, gaia227, Dublin, pedinurse, texasgirl, MsRyber, SweetDreamOfYou, cymster, heidi k, J. Brannagh, Tom'sGirl, jyram, SLY, Becba, PrayersForMaura, KarlK, Indianagirl, Angelray, White Rain, diamondgirl, Sleuthster, Synthia1021, GraceBlue, rmf, dhchick04, californiacarrie, fox1950, kaas, missacorah, ******, ihadcabinfever, Carl, LButler, Azlaw, Salem, smile22, ladymemac, mywarmbluefleece, georgiagirl, PoppyMcTwist, Tripmap, snarkymalarkey, Tricia, Juliana, reportertype, shadowangel, sherri79, Littledeer, poppypetals, SouthernCharm, Coriess, bawitter, Tom Friendly, HollywoodBound, Lanie, SuziQ, azure, chicoliving, dimples37398, Bluecat, PattiAnn, scuseme, kylie, Mysticchic, pittsburghgirl, gracefuljf1505, Thwack, muse217, Angel4Alpha, Spazkat9696, natasha1003, Emmie, Niteowl, AmandaBrown23, MistyM, BAD_BUTTERFLY, froggierintexas, chinakatt00, crimson3, H0NEYWEST, c2cd208

    In no way was Websleuths 100% responsible for returning Tawni to her family, but all we can do is thank those here who helped.

    In the interest of providing a reference to our members of the steps taken in a case that was resolved, we are going to lock the threads in this forum except for a couple which will remain open for comments for the time being. We will leave this forum and its threads available for continued reading, with one exception. Try as we might, there was no way we could clean up the thread discussing the Medical Examiner's report to the point where we were satisfied that Tawni's family would not feel any additional pain if they were to read it, and this concern outweighed any value we felt it could provide to those who wish to use this case as a model for other UIDs. We have not deleted it, we have just made it invisible here for now. We're sure you understand why.

    While we share the relief that Tawni's family feels to know that their girl is no longer in harm's way, there are other stories like hers here. Please, take a moment and put the energy you feel toward one or more of them. Just looking at pictures and facts is what brought this case to a close, let's do another, and another, and another.

    And - in all of this, we connected with Medical Examiner in another state, and she has asked to be assigned to work with WS as an Official Volunteer to help us in any case we have. She has a cold case she has asked us to look at, so will start a thread on that one as well. See what can come from being dedicated to the identification of those who have no one to speak for them?

    We have started a new forum for another unidentified person that could use your attention: Grateful Dead Fan

    Thank you all.
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