Australia - 7 dead in mass shooting and suicide - Osmington WA - 11 May 2018

And perhaps also coerced to make the phone call at gun point.
I said this to my husband also. Maybe he said he'd save his life if he called?

What sort of guns were found? Has this been released? I read the gun was found between Peter's legs. Years ago (80's) we had a case in Boonie Doon of Jennifer Tanner who was found in a similar position but they believed due to it being a rifle she wasn't physically able to pull the trigger due to length of the barrel etc... I'd be curious to know what these guns were.

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On Saturday, Commissioner Dawson confirmed three long-arm firearms were recovered at the property, all of which were licensed to Peter Miles.

The firearms were all licensed to Peter Miles.

Based upon information in media reports & police statements, I have no doubt that Peter Miles is the one who slaughtered his wife, daughter, and grandchildren.

It seems that he was hell-bent on proving that his particular "sustainable farming" method was viable. Maybe it was, maybe it wasn't - IDK. But I wouldn't be surprised if he had been facing financial difficulty and had taken out equity loans to make ends meet in recent months/years and the debt (including the interest on loans) was mounting while the profit was nonexistent.

IMO, rather than face the music of possibly impending bankruptcy (and the shame of failure after he'd made such a production of "I'll show you"), he chose to destroy his family.

I doubt that anyone else entered that property, successfully located Peter Miles' numerous firearms (that were all licensed to him) - as well as the ammo to those firearms - and then sought out and murdered the entire family while they slept.

Nope - this despicable crime can be attributed to no one other than Peter Miles.
What’s happening with the fathers eyes in the interview?

I zoomed in and his eyes are rolling around.
What’s that all about?

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What was the grandfather, Peter's motive?!
Neighbours hear spaced out gunshots so there’s no silencer.

How would five people be in their beds asleep, in a tin shed with that racket going on?

Cynda must have at some point gone outside trying to calm or stop him. Did she scream to warn the sleeping 4?

Bloody guns on a farm they are a necessity!

Nah, it’s the crazy *advertiser censored* human beings.

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I thought of that, but how? If Peter is made to say he's killed everyone and is going to kill himself, he knows he's got nothing to lose. Even if someone else is still alive and being held hostage, if he's reporting them all dead he knows what's going to happen. Surely he'd take the opportunity to scream for help over the phone, say something about was really going on.

Brilliant post JLZ! I agree.

I call bullocks on the idea that Peter Miles was coerced by an unknown perp into making that triple0 call after his wife, daughter, and grandkids had been murdered while sleeping minutes before.

The perp is Peter Miles. The self-appointed hero of his family. The defiant pioneer of sustainable farming. The protector of his grandkids from their evil father.

The murderer of his wife, daughter, and four grandchildren is none other than Peter Miles.
So Cynda was found inside the house? when at first it was "two adults outside" :thinking:

"How the hell Peter did that I still can’t figure out, but if someone did it ... he did a good job, he did a really good job.”

Ummmm, yep. Someone did do it. No 'if's' about that.

“So it’s not some random guy off the street who’s taken them away from me — he gave them to me and now he’s taken them away.

“If it had to happen, there is no better person than that.”

So he was angry at Peter and Cynda when they were apparently responsible for him not seeing the kids for 6 months. But he's not angry that they're now gone forever, supposedly at the hands of Peter. :thinking:

Well said Grapey, it doesn’t make any sense.

Why wouldn’t that bother an innocent person when the townsfolk suspect him being the shooter?
If he is involved with the JW church then he would have a lot of support.

I’m trying to compare his mannerisms with Tom Meagher who was wrongly suspected.

Everything points to grandfather Peter but my hinky meter feels otherwise.

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Maybe Aaron Cockman has an ironclad alibi as to his whereabouts on the morning of the murders?
I think it’s possible to shoot someone and leave them in a position to look like suicide?

Either way this is a despicable act.

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And perhaps also coerced to make the phone call at gun point.

At gun point, with my whole family dead, no questions I know I would be next with or without the phone call. I wouldn’t make the call TBH and let LO figure out what really happened.

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I think it’s possible to shoot someone and leave them in a position to look like suicide?

Either way this is a despicable act.

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I can't envision a plausible scenario in which a perp could have coerced Peter Miles to sit in a chair on the veranda in the early morning hours either before or after his wife, daughter, and four grandchildren were shot & killed.

Did an unknown perp drag Peter Miles out of his bed without disturbing his wife in the bed next to him? Unlikely, IMO.

Did an unknown perp, after shooting Peter's wife, his daughter, his four grandchildren, force Peter Miles to place a triple0 call confession, and then force him to stage himself in a chair on the veranda so he could be shot in the head? Again, unlikely, IMO.
In regards to the phone call.
I would think the police can know it was Peter Miles, but until forensics / voice analysis etc comes back, it is all an assumption.

I assume they would run the triple 0 call and perhaps his mobile voice mail through a voice match to have no doubt (which would take time)

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Where was Peter Miles as his wife was being shot & killed?

Where was Peter Miles as his daughter & grandchildren (in another dwelling on the property) were being shot & killed?

He was wielding the weapons that ended their lives, that's where he was.
Sorrell!! g'day! long time, ey?

One thing I am now uncomfy about is Mr C being the sole public self appointed spokesperson for his ex wife, his children and his ex mother and father and brother's in law. His public speeches do not have the ring of authenticity , to me, and his logic is really hard to follow, mainly because there is a lack of the required amount of logic in his statements to find common ground with the average person.

Mr C claims to know the motive, the method and the manner of the murders, pretty slick for a man who's 4 children were some of the victims..

He has even had time to take the big picture and comment on the level of expertise used to murder his kids, and even then, find that level praiseworthy...... lets think about that, for a minute.

To me, it is significant that he was allowed to ramble on. The supervised visit stuff... looking at the ages of the kids, I am almost positive that the older kids would have demanded his visits be supervised, and the court would have given great credence to their plea. It would be radical if the court made the visits to be supervised AGAINST the kids request.

I would like to think that someone else got a bit of oxygen about the Miles family apart from this obviously enraged and strangely invigorated man who's family has been entirely annihilated by a man he claims to love....this Aaron bloke needs to lie down for a while and think things thru.

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