Australia - 8 dead, 12 natural disaster zones declared in NSW

Discussion in 'Weather' started by zwiebel, Apr 22, 2015.

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    The death toll has risen to eight after three days of incessant rain, floods and cyclonic winds wreaked havoc in New South Wales, Australia. Homes and vehicles have been destroyed, emergency services are at full stretch and 12 natural disaster areas have been declared.

    The weather has eased now and a massive cleanup operation is set to begin this morning, but some people near St Georges river are still being evacuated.
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    One of the people killed in the crash was the lead singer of a band. :(

    The 86 year old lady who died when her car was swept away was just going out to get some milk in case she was flooded in. The red car in front of her stalled and she tried to drive around. :(

    So incredibly sad.

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