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Australia Australia - Brendan Giles, 27, St Leonards, NSW, 17 July 2013

Discussion in '2010's Missing' started by Taco, Mar 24, 2014.

  1. Taco

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    Police appeal to locate missing Sydney man

    Police in Sydney’s east are appealing for public assistance to locate a man who has been missing since last year.

    Brendan Giles, aged 27, was last seen leaving Royal North Shore Hospital on Wednesday 17 July 2013.

    Police were alerted when hospital staff and family members could not locate or contact him.

    Serious concerns are held for his welfare.

    Police from Eastern Beaches Local Area Command have exhausted all avenues of inquiry and are now appealing for public assistance in an attempt to locate Mr Giles.

    He’s is described as being of Caucasian appearance, approximately 150cm to 160cm tall, with medium build and black hair.

    Police are urging anyone with information about this incident to call Crime Stoppers on 1800 333 000 or use the Crime Stoppers online reporting page: https://www1.police.nsw.gov.au/. Information you provide will be treated in the strictest of confidence. We remind people they should not report crime information via our Facebook and Twitter pages.


    Brendan's Facebook - https://www.facebook.com/brendan.giles.58?fref=ts

    I've done a lot of sleuthing myself on this one, I even contacted Brendan's family regarding Facebook activity on a post of his on June 22, 2013.

    Perhaps not go too much into discussion regarding the Facebook posts though, his family didn't want some kind of media circus surrounding it.

    Help Find Brendan Giles Facebook Group - https://www.facebook.com/groups/157571581104935/
  2. Mel 1303

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    I have looked into Brendan a lot, too. His last facebook posts were very troubling, however some of his posts in the past were just as troubling. Brendan had a lot of people offering help, even offering him a place to stay- it sounds like he had a lot of people who cared for him. While I have a bad feeling about this young man, I hope he is out there, getting some help, and will be contacting his family soon.
  3. MsAnais

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    Wow, it's really, really sad to read Brendan's FB page.......he is a deeply distressed man who is evidently in a lot of emotional turmoil.

    I too hope he is somewhere, alive.

    I feel that it was less dangerous when he was actually posting that he was going to kill himself, rather than when all is quiet like this.

    In my professional experience, people that are determined to follow through on their suicide plan keep it very quiet and just go and do it. MOO though.

    I hope in this case, he's just taking some time out somewhere.:please:

    Thanks for posting this thread, Taco :seeya: I really feel for Brendan. And his lovely friends - what beautiful support they've offered.
  4. SheWhoMustNotBeNamed

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  5. KateB

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    http://www.missingpersons.gov.au/missing-persons/profiles/profiles/g/i/giles brendan - nsw

    GILES, Brendan
    Personal Details

    Missing since: Wednesday, 17 July 2013
    Last seen: St Leonards NSW
    Jurisdiction: New South Wales
    Year of birth: 1987
    Height: 178 cm
    Build: Medium (80kg)
    Eyes: Brown
    Hair: Brown
    Complexion: Fair
    Gender: Male


    The missing person was last seen at Royal North Shore Hospital, St Leonards NSW on Wednesday 17th July 2013 and has not been sighted since that time. There is some evidence that he may be frequenting the Coogee area, and he has been known to busk in the vicinity of Circular Quay, Sydney.

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