Australia - Country's worst paedophile Geoffrey Robert Dobbs to be released

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    A man who sexually abused 62 young girls has had his indefinite sentence ended by a judge, and could soon be eligible for parole.

    Geoffrey Robert Dobbs, dubbed 'Australia's worst paedophile', molested girls over three decades, and filmed them using a camera hidden behind a spy-hole in the ceiling of his Brisbane home.

    Dobbs built a number of trapdoors and perches within the roof. He filmed girls as they changed to swim in his pool from the hidden location.

    Chief Judge of the District Court, Judge Kerry O'Brien, who gave Dobbs life and indefinite sentences in 2003, says he no longer believes he poses a danger to the community, according to the Courier Mail.

    Dobbs was sentenced for more than 100 offences, including sexually mistreating children, committed over a 37-year span from 1972 to 1999. He was 18 when the first offence occurred and 45 at the time of the last.

    Indefinite sentences were imposed for two carnal knowledge offences."

    Why is this happening in Australia? Why are these monsters being released? When are they going to get tough on paedophiles?

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