Australia - Darwin kite surfer fights off crocodile that attacked again and again

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    29-year-old Darwin, Australia kite surfer Chris Keeping became entangled in his kite off the beach at Casuarina Coastal Reserve, Saturday, and was attacked by a 2.5m (8ft) saltwater crocodile.

    Chris was paralysed with shock as it grabbed his shoulder and shook him around, but it couldn't pull him under and drown him as he was still attached to his kite. Eventually, the croc came to a standstill, still with Chris in its mouth. Chris poked it in the eye and made a dash for the shore as it dropped him.

    The croc pursued him though, returning again and again as Chris hit out with his board. He finally managed to beat it off and escape with his life and some injuries that tell their own tale.

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    Not many people can say they fought a croc and won

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