Australia - Eight children killed in mass stabbing, Cairns, Qld, 19 Dec 2014 *Arrest*


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Feb 21, 2020
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Thaiday was suffering from cannabis-induced schizophrenia and had paranoid delusions that the world was going to end.
She was seen talking to herself saying “I am the chosen one” by neighbours.

“I have the power to kill people and to curse people, you hurt my kids I hurt them first. You stab my kids, I stab them first. If you kill them, I’ll kill them.”

She believed she was the anointed one and the sound of a bird chirping had sent her over the edge.

“It’s hard to accept as an investigator that (someone) is mentally unstable, but she was psychotic,” Det Sgt McLeish said.

“Probably to this day cannot explain her actions.”

Thaiday’s drug-induce psychosis came about because she had been using cannabis for most her life but had stopped about a month before the killings.

A 2017 hearing in the Mental Health Court was told that her unshakeable false beliefs drove Thaiday to do what she did.

“She firmly and unshakeably believed, against evidence to the contrary, that she was in some way special, that she could personally and directly communicate with the almighty (and) that he was delivering message to her in various ways…,” psychiatrist Dr Palmela van den Hoef said.

“She believed at that time and for some days and weeks beforehand that the end of the world was coming, and she had to act…”