Identified! Australia - Goldfields, WA, Male Skeletal, 30-50, Oct'12 - Tom Van Boheemen

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    October 2012 a gold prospector discovers a complete or almost complete skeleton in a sleeping bag approximately 30 kilometres outside the West Australian town of Kalgoorlie. The bones are bleached white in the desert environment.

    *WARNING, BELOW LINK AND OTHER LINKS INCLUDE GRAPHIC PICTURE OF BLEACHED SKELETAL REMAINS* (also a few jokes in bad taste by commenters... but it is a clear picture so I've used this link anyway)

    April 2013 police appeal for help in discovering the identity of the deceased who is described as

    *age 30 to 50
    *carrying small amount of money
    *172.5cm to 178.5cm tall
    *probably died between 2001 and 2003
    *extensive dental work described as "Western"
    *A 10¢ coin in his wallet was minted in 2001 and a pack of cigarettes had the slogan When Only the Best Will Do, used only until 2003
    *tags on clothes and a lighter from Dutch oil company Total indicate he may be German or Dutch
    *had a compass
    *no passport, spare clothes, cooking gear, or prospecting gear found

    The site is not near any usual camping places. Police feel he may have been camping just overnight, but have not located the vehicle or place he left the rest of his belongings.
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    Gets very hot in kalgoorlie. No sign of food or water bottle. 30 km is a long way to walk out in the desert without water. Did hevgo walking and lose his bearings. Become dehydration and as it was put in the newspaper just went to sleep and didn't wake up. Maybe there is some accommodation where he could have left his personal papers passport bank book etc.
    And then when he didn't return someone at the accommodation tthought theybhad found a pot of gold. I know when i have been travelling and staying in a hotel or motel i have deposited anything i don't want to lose or have robbed from me in the safe. There is also good time line there with the date on the coin and the cigarettes with only the best will do. Racking my brains on that and i came upbwith marlboro cigarettes.
    Let's hope he gets identified.
    At least we can't blame Ivan Milat for this one.

    Please excuse typos using a tablet that makes it's own spelling.
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