GUILTY Australia - Greg Hosa, 56, & Kathryn McKay, 44, murdered, NSW, 28 Jan 2006

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    THE firetrucks arrived at midday yesterday to hose down a small bushfire on the South Coast. After dousing the flames they made their grim find: two bodies were stuffed in barrels and on fire.

    About 10 hours earlier, at 2.30am, a 27-year-old man had given himself up to police; at 8am they interviewed a 36-year-old woman. The pair are expected to be charged with murder.

    So who lit the fire that was burning four hours later? And where are they now?

    Shoalhaven police said when the man came forward he provided information that led them to set up a homicide inquiry. They were looking for a victim or victims before the barrels were found in thick bushland in Tomerong, about a kilometre from Jervis Bay Road.

    Superintendent Kyle Stewart said police were working on the assumption that the bodies had been taken in a vehicle to the place where they were discovered. They had seized a vehicle from bushland.

    He said the two victims were believed to be locals and were likely to have known their killers. Police would not speculate on whether other parties were likely to be involved in the deaths.
    :mad: wonder who they were .will post when I find out.
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