Found Deceased Australia - Karen Ristevski, 47, Melbourne, Vic, 29 June 2016 - #17 *Arrest*

Discussion in 'Located Persons Discussion' started by Greater Than, Aug 30, 2017.

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    Thanks Steve, I agree! I hold grave fears for this little boy.

    "AJ please come home, we love you very much." (Father)

    A father is pleading for his son, a 5 year old, to come home. OMG! It begs belief that he wants us to believe that a 5 year old would be expected to have access to mobile phone, tv, radio or tablet and come home after such an appeal. Fair call if AJ was a teenager, but he is 5. Absurd!

    Just like in Karen's case, the statements and language used in 'appeals' for those missing gives us great insight straight up about likely involvement / knowledge.


    "You know, without the knowing, ahh, is the hardest part.

    We had a ahh b ahh bit of ahh an argument ahh in regards to, um, the store figures, and um, how she was going to you know improve them, and, she had had a bad day the day before at the store, um, and on the Wednesday morning, um, she just went upstairs, um, and then came downstairs and just went out through the garage, ahh, she might have just walked down the street or just to clear her head because that was the last thing she said to me, um, I’m gonna to go and clear my head, um, can’t do it here.

    Just give us a call or give the police a call or y y you know give anyone a call ah just to know you know that you’re safe um, d doesn’t matter what, how you know just get a message back to us."

    We now know these are the words of a liar. Poor attempt with all the 'ums' and 'ahs' IMO.
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