Australia - Man runs amok with bulldozer, flattens house and 4 cars

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    A man in Teralba, NSW stole a bulldozer and used it to flatten a house and four vehicles on Monday. The family inside the home only just managed to escape after a neighbor screamed a warning as the house was lifted from its foundations.

    48-year-old Jamie Francis Sager - who had a violence restraining order against him - had to be subdued with pepper spray by police before they could halt his trail of destruction. He has appeared in court where a judge ordered a mental health assessment and adjourned proceedings until August.

    The family inside were unharmed and the local community has come together to help find them somewhere to live and replacement furniture as everything was destroyed. The neighbor is being recommended for a bravery award.
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    from above link:
    "... the ordeal ended when a police officer climbed onto the bulldozer after it became bogged, and used an emergency stop button to turn it off...."He couldn't get into the bulldozer because the doors were secured, so he smashed the window of the bulldozer and delivered an entire can of OC spray [pepper spray] into the cabin, which incapacitated the driver," Inspector Matthews said." bbm sbm

    Hurray for good work by LEO & pepper spray. How devastating for displaced family.

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