Australia - Mark Newton, Peter Truong for trafficking of 6yo son, Cairns, Qld, 2011

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    Taskforce Argos helps bring down international child exploitation ring involving Cairns man and a US father offering own son for sex

    June 30, 2013

    AN American man who lived with his gay Australian partner in Cairns has been sentenced to 40 years' jail for flying his young son across the globe for use as a plaything by child sex predators.
    The 42-year-old pleaded guilty to conspiracy to sexually exploit a minor and conspiracy to possess child pornography before southern District of Indiana US District Court Judge Sarah Barker on Friday.

    The court heard he proffered up his own son for sexual exploitation when he was aged between two and six,
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    Police vow to smash paedophile ring that abused boy trafficked by adoptive parents

    UPDATED WED 3 JUL 2013, 9:17 AM AEST

    Police have vowed to hunt down every member of an international paedophile network that sexually abused a boy who was trafficked by his adoptive parents.

    Queensland police officer Jon Rouse, who investigates online child exploitation as part of Taskforce Argos, says authorities will not rest until all the men involved in the network are behind bars.

    "With this network, rest assured that we will pursue them to the ends of the Earth to make sure each and every one of them faces justice for what their role has been in crimes against this child," he told 7.30.

    US authorities also found videos involving two more boys at Truong and Newton's Cairns home.

    "I can't say too much about the identity of that child," Mr Debrota said. "I can say that the victimisation of Boy 2 occurred in Australia.

    Boy 1 remains in state care in the US.
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    Depraved gay paedophile couple who adopted a boy and shared him with a child sex ring for SIX YEARS were trying to 'buy' a second child to abuse when they were arrested
    By Kate Darvall For Daily Mail Australia
    13:17 AEDT 16 Nov 2017, updated 14:41 AEDT 16 Nov 2017

    • Deranged gay couple ran an international paedophile ring with their own son
    • Queensland men Mark Newton and Peter Truong planned to buy a second child
    • Sickening new reports suggest they wanted a second boy to sexually abuse
    • The pair offered their young son for sex to other paedophiles around the world
    • Newton and Truong adopted the boy illegally from a woman in Russia in 2005
    ‘A gay couple who ran an international paedophile ring involving a son they illegally bought from Russia reportedly planned to buy a second child to exploit.

    Mark Newton, 46, and Peter Truong, 40, from Cairns, on Queensland's coast, sexually abused their adopted Russian son and trafficked him to other paedophiles around the world from the age of one until six.

    However, new claims have emerged the couple planned to adopt a second child by paying a Malaysian surrogate $100,000,The Courier Mail reported.’

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