Australia - Missing family found after 11 days in outback

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    A father and his two young sons have been found 'very, very hungry' but safe, Sunday, 11 days after they went missing in the Queensland outback. Steven Van Lonkhuyzen, 37, and sons, Ethan, 7, and Timothy, 5, left their home at Lota, on Brisbane's bayside on December 11, on an inland trip to Cairns in time for Christmas.

    They survived by staying near their stuck vehicle and drinking rainwater. Despite an intensive search, rescuers had been unable to find them, but a local grazier remembered seeing the vehicle earlier. He decided to take a look in a very remote, tree covered area that he says has rarely seen a human footprint. He found them. Fed and cared for the hungry trio too. :)

    Police say there was little chance rescue helicopters would ever have spotted the family from the air, because of the density of the trees.

    ETA: This is most recent article:

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    Aww. so happy to have a nice ending. A Christmas Miracle for sure. :great: :great:
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    I bet it will be an extra special Christmas for them this year :)


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