Australia - Pedo schoolteacher tattooed 10yo victim's name on her chest


Sep 16, 2010
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In August, a County Court jury found the Hamilton mother of eight guilty of committing an indecent act with a child under 16 in 2013.

Judge Mark Taft said Brimble drove the boy to her house before offering sex, but he rejected her advances.

“He said he wasn’t old enough to have sex and she said, ‘You are when you’re at my house’,” Judge Taft said.

Police had accused Brimble of presenting the boy with a suitcase containing a pregnancy test, condoms, truth-or-dare cards and sex toys, as well as of exposing her breasts.

There's a long history of female predators getting off way more lightly than men - who get off way more lightly than anyone decent would prefer, on the whole. I hope this one's locked up for good.

I'm betting the truth or dare cards in her "pedo kit" were used by Diane Brimble to molest kids before..

...and she has EIGHT kids. Eight kids, and she's molesting a 10 yo with Asperger's, harassing his family, tattooing his name on her chest. I hope those eight kids are checked for abuse and never allowed near her again.

Special place in hell, Diane Brimble.

Imagine all her students.. and their parents... what they must be feeling.

AN “evil” primary schoolteacher who begged a 10-year-old for sex has avoided prison, and will instead complete 200 hours of community service.

:stormingmad: :gaah:

And she was a foster parent!!!

Loads of links at Robbo's site:

Derryn Hinch's take on it:

Revised sentencing remarks:

....she even involved her own children in her offending. When the boy moved schools she toured his new school and attempted to move her kids there.

Sadly, this is not the only example of women getting off lightly despite committing horrific sexual crimes that completely destroy the lives of their young victims.

In Victoria, a mother who drugged her 13-year-old daughter and allowed her sex-offender boyfriend to photograph and indecently assault her was originally given a non-parole sentence of just one year. On appeal, the sentence was increased.

In South Australia, a 40-year-old woman received a suspended sentence despite having sex with a 15-year-old boy.

In Queensland, a childcare worker who sent nude graphic photos of her 12-year-old daughter to her lover walked free from court after receiving a suspended sentence.

In the United Kingdom, a teacher who sent a 16-year-old former pupil a topless selfie was banned from the classroom for five years but escaped criminal conviction.

It is hard to imagine men being treated in the same way. It does seem there is a double standard, whereby male pedophiles are regarded as evil, while female pedophiles are just viewed as mixed up or overly emotional.
200 HOURS of community service ! WTF Australia ???
200 HOURS of community service ! WTF Australia ???
That's what I said!!!!

If a male teacher did that to a 10yo girl, and had her name inked on himself, stalked the family, etc-- he'd be getting no 200 hours CS, that's for sure!! No matter how many kids he had!

I'm extremely disappointed and disgusted this was the verdict. That was for ONE charge out FIVE -- four were 'not guilty'. Wth, jury??

I feel so bad for this boy's parents. Apparently the child was traumatised, and they had to move away. But DIANE the molester gets 200 hours...

It's just shameful.
As I look at this a bit more, it seems to me the judge wasn't too happy with what transpired.. I'd love some of our Aussie legal eagles to chime in here, on what might have led to a disgruntled judge and this pathetic sentence.. as far as I make out, the judge was constrained on sentencing by the jury's verdict, and possibly a psych report that wasn't helpful re the likelihood of re-offending..

Judge blasts 'completely unhelpful' report into Hamilton sex fiend teacher

Judge Mark Taft yesterday described the report of psychologist Tess Howells as essentially a “barrack” for Brimble, despite the jury’s verdict.

He quoted from the report, which said Brimble never had any intent other than to support the victim, that she treated him like one of her children and she was naive to her actions being misinterpreted by the boy.

Judge Taft said while the report was a ringing endorsement of Brimble, he remained entirely baffled about the defendant’s psycho-sexual profile and her motivation for committing the offence.

He said the report simply did not address why Brimble acted in the bizarre way she had.

Judge Taft said he was not dealing with sentencing in a case involving blurred lines or misinterpretations, but a guilty verdict where Brimble had sought to go to bed with a 10-year-old boy to have sex.

He said the report indicated Brimble was not guilty of any offence, but was misguided, acted out of maternal sentiment and did not intend to commit an offence.

“I am openly entirely quite baffled by Ms Brimble’s conduct,” he said.

“I intended to receive a psychological report which addressed what moved and motivate Ms Brimble. I had hoped a report would provide a level of understanding or insight. It does not, to my enduring ignorance.”

Judge Taft said the report also failed to address the gravity of the offending.

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